Devilicious is a hard rock quartet from Gothenburg, Sweden. Vocalist Mikael Jacobsson and bass player Carl Paulsen formed the band in 2005 together with David Andersson and Erik Samuelsson. The original style of the band was stoner rock but while the band took its form over the years the sound evolved to a more straightforward and hard rock style. During 2006 their first EP ”The Haunt of Fear” was recorded at Spring Studios and became a huge success both among the audience and the critics. David left the band in 2006 and Dennis Svensson joined the band.

After an overwhelming year Devilicious and producer Svein Jensen (M.A.N, Outshine, Transport League) at Grand Recordings recorded the second EP “Samsara”, which was the breakthrough for the band. Close-Up Magazine appointed the EP “EP of the month” in 2008.
Samsara was followed by a month-long tour through Germany in cooperation with Jochen and Daredevil Records.

Before the tour Erik and Dennis left the band to be replaced temporary with Joakim Olausson and Magnus Jacobsson.

In the autumn of 2009 Joakim and Magnus left the band and Martin Olsson from Nevärlläjf (Progressive rock / Musea Records) on lead guitar and Stefan Jansson on the drums joined the band to become a part of the final line-up.

A preproduction was recorded in late 2009 and the songwriting and finalizing of the upcoming debut album began. The first single was “Demonizer” and a video produced by 11Frames (Urbandux, Outshine, Icon in me) was released on the 25th of March. Devilicious first full-lenght album ”The Asylum Gospels” was recorded at Grand Recordings by Svein Jensen and was released on the 20th of May 2011 in cooperation with Rambo Music (Sony), Deadtree Music and Daredevil Records. The album was followed up by a shorter tour through Sweden.

During the summer of 2011 Devilicious went on another tour through Europe, which consisted of 20 successful gigs.

Hungry for more Devilicious started pre-producing the next album that was to be released during autumn 2012. The band, while working hard in the studio, played a couple of gigs in Sweden among one of them with American superstars Molly Hatchet.

During March 2012 Devilicious recorded their second album once again with Svein Jensen as co-producer at Grand Recordings studio and set the release date to the 28th of September 2012. The band decided for two singles and videos this time and once again cooperated with 11Frames. The first one; “Succubus” was released on the 27th of June on Rambo Music (Sony) and Fat Lady Productions. The second one, “Hollywood” was released on the 17th of August 2012.

During summer 2012 Devilicious signed a contract with Eat Music for the European market for the release of the brand new CD “The Esoteric Playground” .

In summer 2013 Martin left the band and in 2014 Stefan also left the band to be with his family.

In 2014 Julien Fabre and Alexander Lundgren joined the band.
Juien used to play with Black candy store.
Alexander played with Rocketpeople.

The 3rd EP “PHOENIX” will be released March 24th 2016 on all major digital/streaming sites and on 100 limited edition TAPE. Recorded at Crehate Studios (Despite, ENGEL, Deathbreed) and with Julien Fabre behind the wheels. Once again the band have teamed up with Jochen and Daredevil Records for the release and a two week tour through Europe with start May 25th.

In 2016 Julien, Alex and Carl left the band to pursue other carees.

2018 Devilicious reborns again for the third time.

Magnus Persson, Karl Edfeldt and Paul Bärjed joins the band.